Trexco b.v. is a dedicated consulting firm that specializes in the deployment and management of business analysis and financial systems solutions leveraging the Oracle Cloud platform. We provide expert guidance and assistance to your organization in the planning and execution of Oracle Essbase and Oracle EPM projects. With our comprehensive technical expertise and deep business acumen, we stand ready to support your organization at every organizational tier.

Just as individuals are unique, we believe every organization has its distinct needs. Some organizations prefer to take the reins in software implementation and seek additional advice and support, while others desire a more comprehensive consulting approach to lead their projects. Trexco b.v. collaborates with a network of Oracle partners and offers a range of consulting, educational, training, and technology implementation services tailored to various industries in Europe.

Our Blog

We write from our experiences and comment on what is happening in the Oracle EPM space. Since you can find many excellent blogs in English, we decided to make the first and (up to now) only Oracle EPM Blog in German. Our last posts are found here!